Orchids of Western Australia

Orchids of Western Australia
by botanical artist Pat Dundas.

The long awaited Orchids of Western Australia, illustrated by Pat Dundas with text by the three foremost orchid authorities in WA, Andrew Brown, Kingsley Dixon and Stephen Hopper, is now available. For a limited time a special offer is available to those who purchase direct from the Botanica Gallery.

Art Collection for Sale

This is a collection of 186 lifesize watercolour paintings in an A3 format, of all the named native orchids of Western Australia. These are the originals of watercolours reproduced in the publication Orchids of Western Australia. From 39 genera, there are over 400 species, many of which have only recently been described. It includes the little-known orchids of the Kimberley and several hybrids, mostly within the Caladenias.

The paintings are divided into 2 sections. There is an 'in situ' painting for each of the genera (40 paintings) which shows an example of the genus growing in its natural habitat (ie, on a log, in a swamp, on granite rocks, in a vine thicket, etc.) The rest of the paintings show size and colour variations for each of the species.

The collection in its entirety is for sale. The paintings have been done over a period of 16 years and with the assistance of botanists Andrew Brown and Kingsley Dixon. For expressions of interest or more information, email us at info@botanicagallery.com.au.


Special Offer - Purchase via Botanica Gallery

Orchids of Western Australia is published by University of Western Australia Press and is the culmination of 17 years work. For the first time all of Western Australia's orchids have been illustrated together. The book includes illustrations of all 400+ named orchid species interspersed with illustrations of selected orchids in their natural habitat. This is a must for lovers of Western Australia's unique flora.

Order a copy now for $89.00 + $9.00 postage within Australia and, as a bonus, receive a free signed print of your choice (from 9 options all of which feature in the book) valued at $25.00. This offer is available for a limited time and only through Botanica Gallery.

Choose your free print from amongst the following.

  • A. Donkey orchids
  • B. Blue orchids and everlastings
  • C. Spider orchids and wildflowers and everlastings
  • D. Donkey orchids
  • E. Pink spider orchids
  • F. Sun orchids
  • G. Kimberley tree orchid
  • H. Helmet orchids
  • I. Babe in a cradle


Please forward your name, postal address, payment preference and your choice of print to info@botanicagallery.com.au


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